Parquet Installation

Installing a hardwood floor is a process that is done with great attention. After a careful examination of the project by our specialist, many factors are taken into consideration:

  • Type and size of the material
  • Size of the room
  • Sunlight direction that enters the room and the location of the front door
  • It is mandatory to measure the humidity level on the concrete screed under

The hardwood floor can be installed in a few different ways depending on the size of the material as well as the size of the room where is going to be. In order for the future wood floor to be installed in the best possible way, the concrete floor screed under should be as smooth as possible. Our pinstallation of the parquet can be checked here.

Installation can be done in a few ways:

Direct installation of the hardwood floor

Installation of laminate flooring:

Installation with adhesive (Nut und Feder)

When the hardwood floor is installed and the pieces are glued together in-between each other.

Installation with adhesive (To the floor under)

The wood material is directly glued to the concrete screed under.
Installing and gluing down an old parquet:

Installation with nails

This method requires an installation of a wooden frame under the future floor to which the material is nailed down.

Installation with nails and adhesive

This method is the same as the previous one but this time adhesive is also used in order for the wood floor to be extremely durable and long-lasting.

Installation of a wooden frame and oriented strand board (OSB)

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