Floor Varnishing

Varnishing with polyurethane two-component coating

During the process, two (three) coats of material are applied as well as a primer before that. The primer seeps inside the wood and protects it in-depth, while filling some small defects on the parquet itself. The varnish is applied on top of the primer and it creates a layer for long-lasting protection of the wood floor.

Varnishing with polyurethane water-based coating

In the process, two (three) coats of polyurethane water-based varnish are used. The first coat is a primer and next is the varnish itself. The water-based coatings are noncarcinogenic and they are the perfect solution for rooms where they are young children as well as people with asthma and allergies.

Oiling (Applying Oils) hardwood floor

This is the new generation for coating a wood floor.

  • Totally harmless
  • Protects the material in-depth
  • Stops the dry-out of the wood
  • Allows small repairs to be made only on damaged areas
  • Once the oil is applied, there is no need for sanding

Once a year the floor is re-oiled by applying one coat of oil over the existing finish.

Staining hardwood floor

Staining the floor is a process by which the client decides what color to be applied to the hardwood floor. The process can be done by using different colored varnishes, colored oils, water-based or alcohol-based stains.
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